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About us

Who are we?

We’re a non-profit organization, established on February 24, 1995, by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Quindío. Our main goal is to showcase, in a natural, enjoyable, and safe environment, the impact and development that coffee brings to our country, to pay tribute to the strength of coffee growers in Colombia.

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Where are we located?

We’re situated in the heart of Colombia’s central coffee-growing region, in the country’s central western area, just 20 minutes from Armenia, the capital of Quindío and, 5 minutes from the town of Montenegro.

About our territory

We have an expanse of 125 hectares, 58 of them built in a perfect mix between the traditional and the modern. You’ll discover over 35 mechanical and cultural attractions, set against an average temperature of 21 degrees. El Parque del Café is a journey through the customs of a tradition deeply rooted in the lands of Quindío department, framed within the UNESCO declaration as a Coffee Cultural Landscape, offering visitors a space for healthy recreation.

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Parque del Café Quindío Colombia

Our Mission

To provide our visitors fun and entertainment through culture coffee, making known the importance of coffee and its role in the country’s economic development, in an environment of nature, offering cultural attractions and innovative, reliable, and safe mechanical rides, committed to environmental conservation, the well-being of our staff and that of the community

Our Vision

To be the leading theme park in Latin America, recognized for generating unique experiential experiences, disseminating the Coffee Cultural Landscape worldwide (a World Heritage Site), and contributing to the economic development of Quindío and its positioning as a national and international tourist destination.

Parque del Café Quindío Colombia

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