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Accessibility Information
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Information for people with disabilities or special health conditions.

People with disabilities or with any particular health condition that generates physical, cognitive and/or sensory limitations should approach the Accessible Attention Point, located in the entrance area of our park, where we will provide personalized advice on the experience and attractions that could be used safely and comfortably. A courtesy ticket will be given depending on the degree of disability. At the entrance of each ride, you will find a sign with the restrictions and instructions for safe use. However, if you need more information during the tour, please consult with one of our staff. Please note that, in the event of an evacuation, we may require visitors to walk across narrow stairs and walkways, so it is important that passengers have the ability to board and disembark the vehicle on their own, the ability to hold on to the vehicle, and the ability to climb up and down stairs. For passengers with prosthetic limbs, we recommend that the device be properly secured and remain in place for the duration of the ride. However, some rides do not allow prosthetic devices due to inherent risks in the ride’s design. In general, without restriction, all visitors will be able to enjoy all the cultural attractions offered by our park:

We have provided the following guide (download it) to provide you with sufficient and precise information about the capabilities and skills necessary for the safe use of each attraction. If you feel you do not have enough information, please contact us.

Download the guide

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