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Measures Against COVID-19

Committed to the biosafety of our staff and visitors, we continue with the necessary measures to ensure your experience is the best!

Your health matters to us!

Measures we will continue to take to provide you with a biosafe experience.

Biosafety recommendations for your visit

Be mindful of your symptoms.

Remember that if you have symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing, loss of smell and taste, or any other symptom associated with COVID-19, you should refrain from leaving home and notify your health care provider. If necessary, you can reschedule your visit to the Park.

Now you must purchase your
passes online.

We must control the visitor capacity to our Park, therefore, you should plan your visit date in advance and purchase your tickets on this website. You will get a 10% discount!

We recommend the use of face masks
if you have flu symptoms.

The use of face masks is no longer mandatory to enter our Park; however, we recommend using them as a preventive measure.

Face masks and Hand Sanitizer Gel

You can find these items in our souvenir stores, located in different areas of the Park.

Scan the QR codes

To minimize contact, you can find our map, schedule, suggestion box, safety guide, and height guide in QR codes. By scanning them, you can access them directly on your electronic devices, providing you with all the information you need and helping you plan your route within the Park more effectively.

Wash your hands frequently

Remember to wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible. Inside our Park, you will find many places to do so and comply with the first line of defense against COVID-19: Clean hands!!! Additionally, the park has set up units for disinfection with hand sanitizer gel in many touchless dispensers so you can sanitize your hands.

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